Your wallpaper – For fully branded online training

Annika Willers · Product News · 4 years ago

Branding is one of the key aspects when looking at business trainings platforms. In Coursepath you can now add a custom wallpaper to your academy to increase the recognisability even further.

Wallpaper in Coursepath

Being able to choose a wallpaper adds up nicely to our existing branding options, which are:

  • Own logo and colours
  • Custom academy pages
  • Custom certificate
  • Branded Courses and E-Mails

Your branded online training portal

The wallpaper will be present in three different places:

  • on the log-in page of your academy
  • in your academy as well as
  • in your courses

A user who visits your academy for the first time or someone who is not logged in will directly see a branded portal. This is especially useful for first time visitors, who will directly recognize your academy. With the wallpaper you will create a unitary look and feel right from the beginning.

Set up your wallpaper

Try it out. Go to your academy, click on “Setup” > Logo and identity”.
For best results, upload a JPEG image that has a width of at least 1440 pixels.

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