Widgets in Coursepath – Use cases

Annika Willers · Tips & tricks · Last updated on March 23rd, 2021

With the March 2020 Coursepath update, the library and “My courses” in the academy have been merged into one page. The home portal can be designed by the academy manager using individually created widgets. A widget in Coursepath is a defined area of an academy portal that displays courses, pages, and/or workshops, and can be selected for different target groups. Find out what the widgets are suitable for and which applications we recommend in this article.

Homepage with sections

1. Own courses or “My courses”

This widget is designed for academy members to see only the courses that they are enrolled in or attending. You, as academy manager, can define such a widget. Here’s how:

When creating a new widget, choose “Courses” on the “Content” tab. Leave out the “Target group” and select the corresponding roles in the “Role” tab.

If you check the box “Participants” here, the academy members will only see the courses they are enrolled in. Additionally, if you select “Last Activity (Descending)” the “Sort by” drop-down menu within the “Content” tab, participants will always see the courses they have worked on most recently first. This way they can easily continue learning where they left off or quickly see which courses they have not been active in for a longer time.

Your courses
Set up a widget for “Own courses” of the participants.

Give authors or trainers an overview of the courses they have created or administered by creating an according widget. In the tab “Role” you can select trainer and author accordingly.

How to set up portals and create widgets, we have summarized step by step in a blog post.

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2. Recommended courses

Recommend courses to your learners by creating a new widget. When creating a new widget you can do so by first selecting courses in the tab “Content”. To display only courses in which academy members are not yet enrolled, check the box “Not enrolled” in the tab “Role”. Note that only those courses that are available for self-enrollment, registration, or public access will be displayed. Courses available by invitation only will not be displayed here as per usual.

Options enrollment
Enrollment course options – note that courses available by invitation only will not be displayed to all academy members

Creating such a widget allows you to offer academy members interesting and helpful courses. You can filter even more detailed and, for example, categorize them by department. Use the groups for academy members and create one group per department. When creating the widget, you can then additionally select the group Sales in the tab “Target group”. The section filtered in this way will then only be displayed to members who are in the Sales group.

Sales courses
Select the target group and recommend suitable courses to the Sales team.

3. Filter by language

Instead of showing the same courses to all employees, you can create widgets by language. Thus, for example, only French courses are displayed to French-speaking employees, but not German or Dutch courses.

To do this, select the respective language in the “Content” tab when creating the widget. You can select one or more languages. On the start page, the created widget will then display the courses that are setup in the corresponding language. This is independent of the language settings for the academy in general and the language the members themselves select for the platform.

language setup
Language settings in the course.

4. Filter by country

In England there are different safety precautions than in Germany? In France, a new fire safety regulation has come into force which is not relevant for the other branches? Filter by country in the widget and display the courses only to those academy members who work in the respective country.

To do this, select the checkbox for the country in the “Target group” tab when creating the country widget. Again, you can choose one or more countries. Please note that only those countries appear in the selection that are stored in the profiles of academy members.

5. Different portals

One portal is not enough? No worries, you can create multiple portals for different goals or target groups.

All portals can be designed to your needs and you can add as many widgets as you need.

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