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Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on May 27th, 2021

“Where was that explanatory leaflet stored again? How can I find the process of a sales talk?” Do these questions sound familiar? Especially when I’m looking for specific information in my job, I cannot remember where exactly I read it and where to find it again. This also happens a lot when it comes to eLearning. True enough, I always have the option to re-access the contents of an online course, also after course completion. But if I have to click through courses and documents for what feels like forever, I quickly do not feel like searching any longer. It does not have to be like that! Why not simply use the search function for learning content?

Search for learning contents
Easily keep track with the search function!

Find contents academy-wide

With the new search function in Coursepath, you will find the desired content in a trice. By clicking the magnifier, which can always be accessed via the menu bar next to the profile picture, you will get to the internal academy search engine. Simply enter the term you are looking for and Coursepath will search the whole academy for results. Not only course names, but also the contents are searched for the desired word stem.

Good to know: The search function is of course limited to the individual permissions of academy members. This ensures that in the results no contents will be shown to which the member has no access.

Pay attention: The search function is based on a search index in the academy language, which has been set as a standard by your academy manager. The search index is language-specific in order to optimize the search. Here is an example: While you probably will not search for the word “die” (meaning “the”) in a German academy as it does not contain any search-relevant information, in English, “die” is a meaningful word and therefore also stored in the search index.

magnifier to search
Access the search from any page: Simply click the magnifier next to the profile picture.

Specific results with filters

To get even better search results, there is now a range of filters at hand. Filter by categories, duration, price, type, and language.

  • Categories will show every category that is set up within the academy, you can filter for one or multiple.
  • Duration lets you filter for a range of durations that are set in the courses or workshops.
  • The same holds true for the price filter.
  • Types include courses and workshops, programs, pages, and items. The latter including single learning steps and all kind of attachements.
  • The language filter shows all 21 system languages within Coursepath. Choose one or multiple languages here.
  • Additionally, you can select in which order the results are to be shown on the results page. Do this by clicking the “Sort by” drop down and select best results, title, or price.

You want to try the search function?

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Full-text search within documents

The special feature of the search function: In addition to academy pages, course or workshop names, and contents of individual learning steps, documents which are stored as attachments in courses are also browsed. The full-text search, for example searches handouts in PDF format, tasks in Word files, and even notes in PowerPoint presentations, which are provided to participants for download.

full-text search
Full-text search in academy language: Simply enter a term and Coursepath will browse the academy.

You do not have the search function in your academy yet?

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