Quality Management With The Auditor Role

Manuel Yasli · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Coursepath’s roles and permission allow you to control access levels in your online trainings. Now, you find even more possibilities to adjust permissions for each course: assign trainer, participant or the new auditor role.

Auditor role in Coursepath Course-based roles in Coursepath

Assessment without interference

The auditor role expands the existing roles and allows to easily integrate your online trainings into a quality management process. The auditor can view the course content and results, but cannot make any changes. His activities in the course won’t be logged and the activity stream only shows course activities from trainers and participants.
Internal or external quality management representatives (QMR) e.g. from a technical inspection authority, can now easily visit and assess your courses – without a risk of accidentally making course changes or adding comments. It also makes sense to assign this role to a manager for a quick training update. This enables visibility of course content and the participants’ learning progress, without taking part in the learning process itself.

Roles and permissions in Coursepath Roles and permissions in Coursepath

Monitoring, assessing and certifying your online courses is very easy with the new auditor role. When the audit is complete, you can remove the auditor from the course in one click. Also, reassigning the auditor role in case of recurring audits is done very quick and easily.

Assigning the auditor role per course

Auditors and other roles can be assigned per course. Just enrol the corresponding academy member in a course. As soon as he is part of the course, select the member menu and click on the gear-wheel icon next to the participant. Select “Edit member” and choose “Auditor” under “Role in this course”. Click on “Save”.

Set up user roles and visibility Set up user roles and visibility

Now, the user has a read-only permission in this course. He is not able to change anything, including course settings, editing course content and adding comments. All of his activities stay hidden as well. If you want to make this role visible to trainers only, go to the “Edit member” screen (as described above) and choose “Trainers” under “Profile visibility”.

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