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Lifelong learning has become an inherent part of the working life. Testing and certifying participants knowledge increasingly becomes more important. Looking e.g. at security trainings, it becomes clear that employees need to know exactly what they are doing. A good example is Planzer Transport AG, a Swiss logistics company training employees with regards to airfreight security. Here, a lot depends on verifiably well-trained staff. Unqualified staff can have catastrophic consequences – not only for the company. However, qualified staff is important in all fields and it is always the fundament of long-term corporate performance.

Lifelong learning with Coursepath

Lifelong learning: Keeping up with quizzes and self-tests

Create a learner-friendly environment

Employees or partners should not feel too much pressure while learning. This would increase the already high stress level and reduce acceptance. Thus it is important to set up a friendly and appealing learning environment. Courses and tests should be interesting, achievable and fair. Coursepath allows you to create user-friendly training easily: made from your own learning content. You can enrich learning content with tests and quizzes and other interactive elements. You can simply start by converting a PowerPoint file into a course.
Coursepath offers you these different types of questions to ensure that knowledge has been understood and successfully transferred:

  • Checkbox questions:
    • Multiple/Single Choice
    • True/false
  • Short answer
  • Likert scale
  • Hot Spot image*
  • Arrange task*
  • Matching task*

* Development in progress

Checkbox questions

A true classic among quizzes: checkbox questions such as multiple and single choice or true/false questions. These question types will be rated automatically by the learning platform. They are well known and quickly understood by participants. All that needs to be done is to tick the right box(es). In the near future, it will also be possible to create a question pool in Coursepath and display randomly picked questions.

Multiple Choice question in Coursepath

A multiple choice question with 3 answers and 2 attempts

Essay questions with or without file upload

This question type offers many ways to test participants’ knowledge. The trainees have to write an answer directly in Coursepath. You can choose whether they can upload a file or not. Especially the latter makes this question so diverse: It allows participants to upload any file, such as video, audio or presentation. After this being done, the trainer can assess the submission and review the answer and file. Due to the nature of this question, the grading has to be done manually by the trainer.

Multiple Essay question in Coursepath

An essay question including file upload

Likert scale questions

To evaluate and improve courses effectively, you should ask for your participants’ feedback. The scale question is a suitable choice for this. A frequently used question is “I found this course helpful”. Here, participants can choose between “I agree”, “so so” or “I disagree”. You can give as many options as needed.

Enable/disable rating (all test types)

Should you want to ask questions without them being reflected in the participant’s score, you can always deactivate the right and wrong rating. This provides you the means of:

  1. Self-tests for participants: Testing knowledge without any pressure. It is used for example as preparation for a following test.
  2. Getting feedback: Use any of the available questions to get feedback from your participants. You could use a multiple choice question and ask “Which answers apply best to your experience made in this course?”
  1. It was collaborative
  2. Good trainer support
  3. Bad trainer support
  4. Interesting
  5. Boring

These different kinds of tests and options will allow you to create an interesting, modern and successful training for your employees, colleagues, partners and customers.

Coming soon…

We keep on developing new question types in order to have good offers for every learner type. Right now, we are developing the “hotspot image”, ordering and matching questions. Should you want to be informed about the progress or have suggestions, let us know via info@coursepath.com.

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