Update: More clarity and adjustments in the menu

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on May 27th, 2021

Clarity and easy usage of our software are always our priority. With our tools, we want your daily work to be as easy as possible and not put obstacles in your way when it comes to understanding and using software quickly. This is why we are always working on improving these points in our tools.

Clearer navigation in Coursepath

But humans are also creatures of habit: if you as our users find everything you are looking for easily and even in your sleep, then every small change can disturb the familiar ways. Don’t worry! With our latest update we want to make these ways even clearer for you.

Setup and reports now in the user menu

With the new update, you can now find the setup options for the academy and the reports by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner. Previously, these two items were based in the top menu bar, but now you can easily access them at any time, whether from the home page or within a course.

Setup and reports in the user menu

Making one into two

The menu item “Logo and identity” has become the two menu items “Name and language” and “Logo and identity”. As the names show, you can still find logo, background, and design adjustments under “Logo and identity”. Only the settings for the academy name and the default language for navigation can no longer be found under the same menu item. Here, too, clarity is of the utmost importance; by dividing up the items, new users will find their way around even more quickly.

Overview Coursepath Setup
New overview of the setup within Coursepath

Modernized top menu on course level

There is also a small change at course level that makes navigation within your academy even easier. Instead of opening a second menu level as before, the course menu now replaces the academy menu. The menu points are thus no longer arranged in the middle, but on the right. The best thing about that? On the left, instead of the logo, you will see the course you are currently working in. By clicking on the small “x” to the left of the course title, you can easily get to the homepage of your academy.

view course menu
The new layout of the course menu

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