Microlearning: A clever way for training on the go and in between

Annika Willers · eLearning Trends · Last updated on July 20th, 2021

Deploying microlearning successfully means creating learning nuggets that are short and practical. This way, an immediate benefit for learners is achieved. Thus, the short time while commuting to and from the office can already be used as an opportunity to learning.

Microlearning: A clever way for training

Obtaining information has never been easier than nowadays. Through mobile devices knowledge is available at any time and in every place – just one click away. It is important that the required information is well structured and processed so that the flood of information can be handled easily. And this is exactly the approach that microlearning takes: small packs of information that are well structured, quickly retrievable, and can be constantly adapted to changes at short notice.

Learning with tidbits

Browser-based learning management systems, for instance, offer the possibility to serve learning content "on the go" and in small tidbits. Mobile web and corresponding devices like smartphone or tablet make it possible for learners to schedule their time self-determined. Users can decide for themselves, when and especially where it is most convenient to access learning contents. This way, learning can be comfortably integrated into everyday life, for example on the daily train or bus journey to work or on the way to an appointment.

Microlearning also offers the possibility to fast learning at work, as it is becoming more relevant to access contents without spending too much time. In today’s time, it is important to quickly adapt to constantly changing requirements and circumstances. Dealing with this flood of information, it is more convenient to internalize where something is stored than keeping everything in mind immediately. Repeating single units can be implemented easily with microlearning. Here, learning on demand offers exactly this flexibility.

Flexibility with microlearning

This flexibility also plays an important role when it comes to target-oriented learning units. Microlearning makes it easier for users to organize small independent learning contents, such as modules, self-determined. This way, they can quickly access the content relevant to their tasks. An intuitive user interface is essential here, as valuable time is lost when it already takes hours to understand the system.

The easy transition between different devices – smartphone on the go, PC and laptop in the office, tablet at home – also enables a seamless learning experience. Based on their individual knowledge, learners can keep up to date on their own responsibility. If the requirements of the target group are known, this information can be used to provide users with a learning experience with added value for their daily work routine. Thereby, the employees enable their business to advance since their quality of work improves.

Flexibility through microlearning

Video tutorials at work

Small learning units can be easily integrated into a stressful daily work routine. Microlearning also offers the possibility to using different types of media without much effort. For instance, short video tutorials can convey contents in a new way through their visual component. Videos have been in use to illustrate topics for a considerable time now, as can be seen from the increasing number of video tutorials available. This form of microlearning is also becoming increasingly present and popular in daily business.

As a matter of course, learning content comes first. If the learning experience is also flexible and easily accessible, the learning process itself is becoming twice as motivating. Experience shows that the casual form of microlearning stimulates the employees’ willingness to learn more than classic didactic teaching. It supports self-determined action by allowing the employees to respond to their requirements themselves. In addition, social interaction, such as a comment function, stimulates direct exchange between employees, supervisors, as well as internal and external experts.

Microlearning offers an approach to a flexible integration of learning units into the work routine. An intuitive user interface makes contents easily accessible to your employees so that they can constantly refresh their knowledge or adapt to changes on a short notice. With that, they keep up to date at all times and on-the-job training becomes an imperceptible part of the work routine, allowing your company to advance.

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