Manufacturers inquire: How to qualify my employees?

Annika Willers · eLearning Trends · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Recently, a German publisher asked us for an article in a manufacturers enclosure. Topic should be: How to qualify my employees? Happily we share our insights and 3 basic steps for effective qualification in a manufacturing setting.

Qualified employees

No one needs to tell you how tiresome constant qualification of employees can be. Product lifecycles are becoming faster and require new knowledge on a regular basis. The same applies to internal processes. In order to avoid elaborate coordination loops with personnel departments or external service providers, internal qualification is more and more driven forward by product and project managers themselves.

This results in a new culture of on-the-job training: a DIY-approach (Do-It-Yourself). Product and project managers provide their knowledge, prepare courses, and let employees actively participate in their own qualification. Following are 3 crucial steps for this process:

1. Provide knowledge effectively

PDF and email easily get lost in the flood of messages and forgotten about quickly. This is where e-learning comes in. A central platform includes all relevant training offers and is always accessible and up-to-date. At least as long as employees are actively taking care of courses and content. In order to do so, an intuitive tool is required which can be used without the help of others. DIY is the keyword!

2. Keep track of learning success

This is also an achievement of e-learning in companies: documents are no longer sent with the hope that they will be read. Instead, it can be checked who has read or rather participated. In addition, there are test questions and other tasks to be completed. This is how learning success can be determined and following be evaluated in a personal conversation. Transparency is of great importance, not only to the company. Transparant results also help participants assess their own qualifications and learning needs.

3. Involve and motivate employees

One thing is essential in modern training: employees are no longer regarded as mere recipients! They are taking part in designing in every sense. A well-known concept is "Employee-Led Learning". Content can be accessed independent of time and on own devices, thus completely self-determined. In addition, participants may choose the content individually where required: sometimes they might repeat certain areas or skip modules that are not relevant.

Employees give and also expect feedback. In other words, they are involved in the creation and improvement of content. If necessary, they take these tasks over completely. If qualified employees start creating new courses themselves, e.g. on new competencies in the course of digitization, the wheel turns full circle and an active, self-sustaining learning culture is created.

This article was first published in the special issue “Tradition und Innovation – Zwischen Hobel und Hightech” and on

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