Live video training with Coursepath and Zoom

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on May 25th, 2021

Face-to-face meetings from anywhere and even live training sessions without travel? This is now also possible with Coursepath. Use the Zoom Integration and create blended learning units online.

E-Learning mit Live-Schulungen per Video

This article explains how to set up the Zoom integration and incorporate meetings into your eLearning courses.

1. Setup for video trainings

If you are not yet a Zoom user, set up your account. This can be done with your business email address and within a few minutes. Zoom offers various packages that cover different requirements. The smallest package is available for free. For the integration into Coursepath you need a Zoom Pro account.

Link your Zoom account with your Coursepath academy. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner to open the drop down menu. Select “Options”. Under “Integrations” you can now choose “Zoom”.

Zoom Integration in Coursepath

In the window you can then enter the data for the connection. To do so, first create a JWT App in the Zoom Marketplace. Click on “Develop” in the menu bar and select “Build App” in the dropdown. Search for JWT and click the “Create” button. Enter a name for your integration (up to 50 characters) and click the “Create” button again.

E-Learning mit Video-Schulungen
Online Live Trainings

Enter the required information in the setup menu. When you have completed the information, you will find your JWT App under “Created Apps” in your Zoom Dashboard.

Zoom Integration in Coursepath

Paste the API Key and Secret in the dialog box in Coursepath and click “Save”. You can find this data (integration authentication) in your zoom account under Settings > Meeting > Other.

2. Add live sessions

To schedule a live session, follow the same procedure as for any other event within the Coursepath academy.

If you are at course level, click on “Calendar” in the menu bar at the top. Then click on the button “+ Add event”.

Live-Schulungen per Video als Termin anlegen

In the dialog window for the new event you will now find the selection field for Zoom in addition to the known information. Set the checkbox here and select the host of the meeting in the drop-down menu. The list is taken from the users of the Zoom account via the API interface.

Online Trainings mit Video per Zoom Integration in Coursepath

Thanks to the integration, the created Zoom meeting is also displayed in the application itself for the respective user.

The date in Coursepath will then automatically show the link to the meeting as well as the meeting ID and password, so that all course participants can easily attend the live session.

Live sessions in Coursepath

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