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Corinna König-Wildförster · Product News · Last updated on November 18th, 2021

Make your training simpler and more fun for your learners. With the latest release, you can have more than one question in your learning step to track the activities and success of your trainees. Different text blocks, tests, quizzes, and media can be aligned flexible for each learning step of your module. There are also three additional question types. Now, you can shuffle and arrange all basic content elements easily the way you need them. This way, you offer participants more variety in your courses. The basic functionality of the individual content elements you already know remains the same.

Here’s a step by step summary of what has changed.

Edit and read mode

Academy members who can edit the courses can see whether they are in Read mode or Edit mode in the upper left corner of each learning step. In Edit mode, the editing bar with the individual functions is displayed at the top right. This bar is composed of: “Add Text Block”, “Add Document or Embed Media”, “Add Question”, and “Options”.

Add step in module to open edit mode
Add step in module to open edit mode.

Combine text and media

Clicking the Edit button on the right corner, you can edit the text block using your regular WYSIWYG editor, just like before. The new button Add Text Block places an additional text paragraph below your starting point. You can arrange the sections individually using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. To delete a paragraph, simply click the recycle bin icon on the right. There will be a warning should you click on the bin accidentally.

Editing options in learning step
Editing options in learning step.

Like before, you add documents or pictures, and embed media like videos clicking the Add Document or Embed Media button. You can now also move it up and down to any position of your learning step. This way, it can be arranged not only at the top of your page but also between your text blocks.

Image upload

Uploading a file, you can select to display it in the document viewer or as an attachment. Selecting an image, clicking the Edit button lets you edit the respective size as well as replace and upload a different file.

Pop-up window with image options
Pop-up window with image options.

Embedded Content

Embedding content, clicking the Edit button lets you edit the respective size or automatically open the content in a new window. This allows your learner to stay on the initial page and move on from there.

Pop-up window with embedded content options
Pop-up window with embedded content options.

Individual tests and surveys

It is now possible to add multiple questions to a learning step. In addition, the interface for adding questions has changed. Quizzes and surveys can now be selected on different tabs. This gives you a better overview per category. Quizzes are evaluated automatically, surveys, and text-based questions can be looked at by the trainer and if needed be assessed, too. All question types come with a Move Up and Move Down button, so that you have full flexibility to arrange your learning step according to your priorities.

The Quiz tab contains: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer plus Hotspot questions, all of which you are familiar with. Adding a Short Answer now allows you to pick more choices and to allow more than one correct answer. Learn more about question types in our blogpost.

Pop-up quiz questions
Pop-up quiz questions.

Scale Question, as well as Text Input/Long Text (former Essay questions) can be found on the Survey tab. This also offers: Select One, Select Many, File Upload, Image Upload, Date Select, Country Select, and Signature.

Pop-up survey questions
Pop-up survey questions.

The difference between Text Input and Long Text is the behavior of the field. The long text allows the participants to scale the text field to a size and form of their choice, whereas the Text Input is aligned to page width and actual size of the text.

A sample learning step with multiple questions

As an example, you may now combine text with an uploaded file and a single choice question within your survey.

Combination of multiple questions
Combination of multiple questions in one learning step.

You can end your learning step with an individual survey, combining different questions, including a time stamp and/or location, and additionally have the participant sign their attendance. This is especially helpful if you need the training to be documented, e.g., in a regulated environment.

Define Options

Clicking the Options button in the Edit mode, you find the general learning step settings. Here you can edit:

  • the duration and weight of the learning step,
  • whether the score is automatically calculated or has to be evaluated by a trainer,
  • whether the step is required to pass the course,
  • as well as layout, navigation, and comment options.
Edit general learning step options
Edit general learning step options.

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