#iloveprevention – We Help Preventing Accidents

Manuel Yasli · eLearning Trends · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

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There are many work accidents happening every year. In Germany for example per 1000 workers there were 23,9 accidents in 2013 (Source). 419 of these incidents were fatal.

This year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work has its focus on reducing this number by creating a culture of prevention in organizations.

#iloveprevention is the tag of day on Twitter. Organizations, managers and interested persons tweet for creating such a culture and more awareness for it with the aim of reducing accidents even further. Coursepath facilitates the creation of a culture of prevention in organizations with its online training platform. Employers can use it to easily and permanently provide relevant content for a better safety at work. Guidelines, specifications and code of conducts are examples of such content.
Interactive elements can be used to create interesting and appealing online courses which are not as dry as simple text for example. This attracts more interest from the employees. With multiple choice quizzes it is possible to playfully test the employee’s knowledge. This fosters a higher engagement with the learning content and makes work safer.

The Planzer Transport AG and GIFAS ELECTRIC already combine the benefits of Coursepath with work safety trainings and train their employees online.

Accessing the content of such preventive courses is always possible with Coursepath. It does not matter where or when. With a laptop in your office or with a smartphone on the go.

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