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Product News Sina Burghardt · 1 month ago

The library and “My courses” are now one. Instead of two different overview pages, there is now only one. And you, as academy manager, can design this homepage individually. In this article, we will explain how to do this step by step.

Homepage mit Rubriken

Set up homepage and sections

By clicking on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner, you can access the setup for your academy as usual in the drop-down menu. Under Branding you will find the new item Homepage. There you can create sections. A section is an area of the homepage that displays courses selected for different target groups. For example, a section can only display courses in a specific language. It is also possible to display courses for certain groups of participants only.

Setup options in the academy

Create new sections

Here you can now create one or more sections and define which contents are displayed. To create a new section, click on the button “+ Add section”. Enter the name of your section in the text field “Heading”.

Names and contents can also be adjusted later on by using the “Edit” button. Sections that you no longer need can be removed using the “Delete” button.

Sections for the homepage
Set up sections for the homepage

Define contents of the sections

When creating a new section or after clicking on “Edit” you will be directed to the setup of filters for the respective section.

In the “Content” tab, you can select the properties according to which the content of the section is filtered. First, decide whether courses or programs will be displayed.

  • Courses

    • You can additionally filter according to categories you have created in your academy. You can choose one or more categories.
    • You also have the option of limiting the display to courses in certain languages. Here you can select all the languages to be included in the section.
    • In the dropdown menu under “Sort by” you have the possibility to set the order in which the courses should appear on the homepage. Choose between:
      • Name
      • Date started
      • Date completed
      • Latest activity
    • You can also choose whether the “Create course” button is displayed to authorized members of the academy, e.g. course authors.

  • Programs

  • Sections can of course also contain course programs. These options are available to you here:

    • Filter by categories that you have created in your academy. You can select one or more categories.
    • In the dropdown menu under “Sort by” you have the possibility to set the order in which the programs should appear on the homepage. Choose between:
      • Name
      • Date started
      • Date completed
      • Latest activity

Define the audience of the sections

In the tab “Audience” you can set filters to determine which academy members the section should be shown to. You can adjust this setting for both courses and programs.

  • Select one or more groups whose members can see the created section.
  • You can choose which organization the academy members must belong to in order to be able to see the section. Select one or more organizations here.
  • The “Country” filter allows you to set the visibility of the section for different regions. Select one or more countries.

Filter sections by roles within the academy

In the tab “Role” you can filter which role academy members should have in order to see the course selection of the section. This option is only available for courses.

  • Select one or more of the following options under “Role”:
    • Participant
    • Trainer
    • Auditor
    • Author
    • Assistent
    • Not enrolled
  • Additionally filter by the status of the course. Choose from the following options:
    • Completed
    • Not completed
    • Either


With the current Coursepath update, the library and “My courses” have been merged to give you and your academy members a better overview. With self created sections you provide more structure and individual start pages for your academy members.

For example, you can use the various filters to create a “My Courses” section, in which members of the academy are only shown the courses they are enrolled in. You can also create a section to recommend suitable courses to the sales team. You can find more about possible uses in the blog article.

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