The Coursepath LMS Review from FinancesOnline

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Our effort in making Coursepath a reliable and efficient learning management system has recently been appreciated by SaaS experts from FinancesOnline, a popular platform gathering reviews of B2B & SaaS services. Their review includes benefits, integrations and features and earned a high ranking in Corporate LMS Software, including User Satisfaction and Quality Awards.

FinancesOnline Coursepath LMS Review

Rising Star Award

Quality Award In FinanceOnline’s LMS review, they not only evaluated the Coursepath service in a very positive light but also distinguished our product with their Rising Star Award for 2016. The review panel was very impressed with the capabilities of Coursepath, especially with how easy it is to create individual courses with our intuitive drag and drop interface. They also highlighted the usefulness of features that allow users of Coursepath to evaluate performance and progress of learners.

Great User Experience Award

User Satisfaction The review team from FinancesOnline also announced Coursepath as the winner of their Great User Experience Award for the learning management system category on their site. This awards signifies that Coursepath has been designed primarily with usefulness and simplicity in mind. While it still offers powerful features it has a short learning curve and users can quickly start using the system, start creating courses, participate in discussions and sell their courses online without any effort. FinanceOnline experts also stressed that it is very easy to integrate Coursepath with other solutions via a very useful API.

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