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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Coursepath?

Coursepath is a hosted online training platform that is well suited for Microlearning—short, digestible, bite-sized type of trainings.

A product of Viadesk, a Dutch-German Software-as-a-Service company that has been in business for over 16 years, helping organizations and employees collaborate and share knowledge online. Viadesk made use of this experience to develop Coursepath, an eLearning platform suitable for any organization.

Why should I use Coursepath?

Your top three reasons:

1. Coursepath is Practical and Easy to use

The straightforward authoring tool with its clean and user-friendly interface empowers trainers and managers to create training courses quickly and easily. With Coursepath you do not have to rely on IT or hire a course developer consultant.

You can easily convert a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF document into a course, and further enrich your courses by uploading various kinds of documents and interactive media.

2. Coursepath is Intuitive and Interactive

With Coursepath’s intuitive and modern design, users will need very little help in getting up to speed. Social and collaborative features that encourage participants to ask questions and respond, as well as interact with the trainer and co-participants are embedded seamlessly throughout each course. Crucial factors in helping participants engage better which makes learning fun and much more rewarding.

Everything on the platform can be done by non-technical staff: Do-It-Yourself is the concept.

3. Coursepath is Flexible

Manage the academy from anywhere, let your trainers create courses anytime and let your participants access on-demand at their own pace and own time.

Coursepath’s transparent licensing structure allows you to add as many courses as you want in the academy. No need to worry about additional costs per course and deactivating and reactivating courses. Just choose the plan that suits your organisation and let everyone get on board!


How much does Coursepath cost?

We will gladly prepare a suitable quotation according to your number of users and the features you need. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

What is the definition of a user in Coursepath?

A user in Coursepath is everyone (trainer, employee, parter, external service providers, etc.) who gets access to an academy.

If the user contingent is exploited, user accounts that are no longer needed can be deactivated to allow new users. Upgrading to more users is also possible anytime.

What is the definition of a course in Coursepath?

A course in Coursepath is a complete training unit consisting of modules and individual learning steps. In our Coursepath Demo Academy you can find example courses.

Because Coursepath is highly intuitive in design and each course is very easy to customize, you can also use this as an environment for workshops, coaching, assessments, tutorials and online manuals.


Are there any sample courses available?

For reference and inspiration, we have created a Coursepath Demo Academy. In here you will find sample courses and our online guide.

Coursepath Demo Academy:

Simply click on the course you wish to follow and register with your name and password.

Can I import existing course materials into Coursepath?

You can create courses from scratch or upload existing training materials in PowerPoint or PDF, which will be automatically converted into a course. You can further enrich your courses by uploading documents (PPT, PDF, Word) for online preview and attachment, as well as interactive media (JPG, GIF, PNG, MP3 and external hosted videos). The options to duplicate, import data from other courses, revise and update existing trainings are also available in Coursepath.

Convert your PowerPoint or PDF into a course by starting our free trial now.

Can I create quizzes to test the knowledge level of my participants?

Coursepath offers an advanced multiple-choice question with options for multiple-correct, as well as yes or no (true or false), short answer, essay and Hotspot questions. When answers are entered, the quiz allows you to automatically provide feedback, as well as give a general feedback evaluation. Furthermore, you can assign scoring to each question and are able to incorporate this in the participant’s completion matrix.

Can I track the progress of participants in every course?

Trainers (only on assigned courses or if assigned the trainer role on academy level) in Coursepath have access to:

  • Participants’ individual performance and progress in a course.
  • Summarized statistics and performance of user groups in a course.
  • Activity audit trail and notifications per course

Managers and auditors have reviewing access to everything including:

  • Overview report of participants and courses in the academy including test results (data downloadable).

How can learning be customized?

First of all, the language can be set individually. Coursepath is available in 21 languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and many more.

Participants can also choose to extend their profile with a picture or description and set e-mail notifications to their own preferred time interval.

How are the user roles and permissions defined in Coursepath?

Coursepath delivers a clear-cut role-based access security. This guarantees your organisation a clearly defined role policy in the online academy and a security framework that is adapted as best practice by many organisations.

To learn more about our user roles and permissions, please see our blog entry here: Roles and Permissions in Coursepath.

Please explain the E-commerce facility?

This feature allows you to offer paid courses directly from Coursepath and will let your customers pay the course via PayPal or Mollie (with several payment methods) before proceeding. All payment transactions are securely performed in PayPal or Mollie and Coursepath only registers the summary of the transaction for audit purposes. Once the payment has gone through, your customers are automatically directed to the course.

The E-commerce feature is only available under Professional and Business plans.

Can I integrate video into training?

In Coursepath, you can integrate video directly into online training. No dependence on third party services: you can choose to embed video and other material via iframes from YouTube or other services OR to integrate directly in Coursepath. Integrated videos are stored safely in Coursepath’s secured hosting (see below).

Can I use my own domain?

Using your own domain name is possible in Coursepath. Please get in touch with sales for further information at or at +31 (0)20 305 76 60.

The custom domain is only available under Professional and Business plans.

Does Coursepath support SCORM and xAPI?

Coursepath supports publication using Tin Can / xAPI and SCORM by simply uploading the package (zip file) into Coursepath and then deploying it. The course results will also be stored in Coursepath.

Requires subscription to SCORM Cloud (not included).

Do I need to install software to use Coursepath?

No, you only need a web browser, and the Internet of course. Coursepath works with Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.

Coursepath features a responsive design, which enables participants to follow training from their smartphone and tablet, wherever they are and whenever the time is right. Give Coursepath a try on your smartphone or tablet now!

How secure are my course materials and participant’s personal information?

Coursepath is hosted in the European Union via our hosting partner Exonet with data centers in the Netherlands. Exonet is ISO 27001 certified. A team of specialized security companies inspect our services regularly, making sure your data are protected at all times. You find further information in our overview: Supreme data protection and security with Coursepath.

My question is not in the list. Where can I get help?

You can always send us an e-mail at or call us at +31 (0)20 305 76 60. We would be glad to hear from you!