eLearning AWARD 2017 for sustainable knowledge exchange with business partners

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Partner training in medium-sized businesses is not an easy task. For its innovative and sustainable approach to partner training, LichtBlick SE and Coursepath LMS received German eLearning AWARD 2017, an annual price given to trendsetting learning scenarios.

eLearning AWARD

Knowledge transfer at eye level

How to keep partners efficiently up-to-date who are located far away in very different places? LichtBlick SE, ecological energy provider from Hamburg, Germany, had its very own approach to this challenge: an e-learning project. No one-time courses are offered, but a constant flow of information, leading to a sustained information exchange between partners.

The daily updates on the energy market make it necessary for LichtBlick to pass on knowledge quickly to their partners in Consulting and Sales. A mess of e-mails, PowerPoint presentations and other documents needs to be avoided. That’s why LichtBlick chose for a new approach with e-learning. On a flexible platform, courses containing all relevant information should be offered, extended and updated – all done by LichtBlick employees themselves.

„Green energy is a complex issue, which can only be successfully marketed if it is addressed again and again and revitalized with new accents and information“ Sales employee Daniela Mrachacz explains.

Faster reach with employee empowerment

A 20 minute best practice speech at didacta fair in Stuttgart given by Product Consultant Manuel Yasli created a deeper understanding of the e-learning project between LichtBlick and Coursepath LMS. The main issue addressed: how changes on the market can be communicated faster to stakeholders like company partners. Time-consuming processes of information exchange were not an option. LichtBlicks solution was found in an e-learning project where all changes are fast-deployed and low maintenance. For e-learning to be that low in maintenance, a special platform is required. Coursepath LMS is an e-learning solution focusing on fast training setup and deployment. Employees can manage the courses all by themselves. This covers with the concept of empowerment, where people are capable of running their own projects and processes. The Coursepath platform empowers people to quickly create courses and make updates, which is how LichtBlick made huge progress in informing partners quicker and more regularly.

Best Practice with Manuel Yasli, CoursepathManuel Yasli explaining sustainable knowledge exchange for partnering businesses.

eLearning AWARD

For the innovativeness of the project, the eligible eLearning AWARD was handed to both LichtBlick and Coursepath. The event took place at didacta fair in Stuttgart, where 85.000 visitors collected information and inspiration about education and training in the modern age.

Mujibor de Graaf, co-founder of Coursepath announces: „The eLearning AWARD is a great honor to us as a software provider. The customer – which is LichtBlick in this case – is responsible for the production of the entire content. We support this training with a system that is extremely easy to use. LichtBlick has an outstanding approach of making the training sustainable: content gets updated continuously, so partners are always up-to-date. This is a kind of information exchange at eye level because partners are actively involved and not left alone with their inconsistent knowledge about the energy market. We are very pleased with the panel’s decision to elect this project and gladly accept the joint award.”

The eLearning AWARD as part of didacta fair was given to innovative e-learning projects for the 7th-time. Each year, a panel elects projects from Germany, Switzerland and Austria in more than 30 categories. In the category of medium-sized businesses, the award was given for the first time this year.

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