Editing member accounts with Excel

Manuel Yasli · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

In recent times we have focussed a lot on an easy user management. Now we have improved this further: edit and re-import existing users quickly and easily to your training platform, using Excel files.

Edited member upload

Updated and new members overview after re-upload of an Excel file

Making use of Excel re-upload

Uploading an Excel or CSV file with member details is an easy way to add members to your academy. This Excel file is an example of how such a file could look like.
But what happens if you notice something wrong or if a name has changed? Of course you can go and edit each member one by one. The alternative solution: just download a list of all members, carry out the required changes and re-upload the file. Coursepath now recognizes the changes and updates the existing member accounts. Notice the green, blue and grey checks in the graphic above. A green check means that the member is new. Entries marked with a blue check indicate that an existing member has been edited. Grey marked entries already existed and no changes were made here.

Edited member upload

Steps to update users in Coursepath

How to update member accounts

Download user lists directly from within a course. You can choose to update members within a course or even academy wide.

  • Updating members in a course
  • Go to “Reports“ and click on “Export”. On the next screen just download the “Participants” list. After making the necessary changes, go to “Members” > “Add Members” and then upload the edited file by clicking on “import a file”. You should see a list similar to the image above.
  • Updating members in your academy
    You can even update existing user accounts academy wide from here. On the export screen you can choose “All members”. This list contains every member in your academy. As a Manager you can re-upload the user list by using the tool icon next to your profile image. Click on “Members” > “Add members” and choose “import a file”.

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