Editing of eLearning courses made easier with DIY software

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

We have already dedicated some blog posts to the do-it-yourself trend in e-learning. Of course, it is important that no obstacles will be put in the course creator’s way, no matter whether they are working alone or in a team – otherwise the whole training project faces failure. Simple and self-explanatory software is thus an important basis. And that is exactly what we at Coursepath value and aim for.

Our current update involves some improvements for editing courses, which we will present here in greater detail.

Fewer clicks to edit

If you are assigned the author role in a course, you will now automatically see its table of contents in the new edit mode. Buttons to add new learning steps or modules are directly visible without the need to switch to edit mode beforehand.

Edit mode

Further editing options can now be found via the three small points, which will directly lead you to module settings or editing of the step. As usual, visibility and display within the table of contents can also be set here directly.

A separate area for sorting

With the new editing mode, you can now sort modules and steps in a separate area rather than within the table of contents. The same applies to renaming of modules and learning steps.

And this is how you get to the new area:

  1. Within the table of contents, click the three points next to a module or step (see above)
  2. Select „Sort modules“ and „Sort steps“ respectively
  3. Sort modules and steps with drag and drop as usual
  4. By clicking „Done“ you exit the edit mode
Sort modules with drag and drop
Sort modules and learning steps with drag and drop

More options now clearer

In the table of contents, the simplified editing mode improves clarity. Further options for learning steps can now be reached with fewer clicks (via the three points, see above). This slightly different setup allows for the “More options” section within the learning step itself to be leaner. Duplicates are omitted this way.

Further options
Increased clarity for further options

By the way, Coursepath also comes with a new look: new icons and a cleaner design are adding to Coursepath’s fresh layout.

New icons


With an easy-to-go platform, there is nothing standing in the way of creating your eLearning courses yourself. Software that is easy to use allows for you to create and edit learning content straightforward. This way, you can efficiently implement your eLearning project yourself.

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