Teaching digital competences with e-learning

Customer Case Sina Burghardt · 6 months ago

Would you like to provide your employees with more security when dealing with digital media? In this case, companies often rely on training courses that equip their employees with more competence. digitransform offers such training courses for companies. Participants are directly provided with a “digital driver’s license” which allows them to navigate safely through the digital working day. In doing so, the company relies on e-learning and Coursepath.

Digitale Kompetenz mit E-Learning

Digitalization changes companies

Regardless of the industry in which companies operate, their working methods are increasingly supported by digital media (keyword: digitalization). And employees can profit from it! However, it is important that employees learn how to use these digital tools properly. After all, just because companies develop digitally themselves, does not necessarily apply to the entire workforce. Some employees, often (but not only) older generations, still find it difficult to actually use digital means and are therefore unable to fully exploit their potential.

The digital driver’s license from digitransform is supposed to change that. All employees will be involved in the digitalization process. In addition, the e-learning courses are practice-oriented. Through tips & tricks for the workplace, employees can directly apply what they have learnt to their daily work and thus, benefit personally from the courses on offer.

Digital environment for digital competence

digitransform uses e-learning and Coursepath for its training courses. The courses are created and managed in the Learning Management System itself. The basis for the company-specific digital driving licences is a pool of courses and learning steps. These can easily be reused and then enhanced.

Since the e-learning training format means that participants are already in a digital environment when they are learning, they immediately experience the benefits of digitalization. The contents of the course are available to the participants flexibly at any time and can still be accessed even after the course has been completed. Thus, the digital driver’s license not only serves as a one-time training. It also further supports the participants later on and serves as a long-term knowledge pool.

Kursübersicht in der digitransform-Akademie
Course overview in the digitransform academy

More about the academy of digitransform

In September, 20,000 participants were already on the road with their digital driving licence. On a daily basis, the skills learnt help employees solve everyday problems. Thus the circle closes and the employees are positively facing the digitalization of their company and also benefit themselves.

In the customer case, you can read how digitransform implements their e-learning with Coursepath and how course creation takes place.