Deep Reporting Metrics for Courses

Manuel Yasli · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Test results are the most important indication of learning progress. Activities in a course such as comments and feedback help understanding a participant’s level of knowledge too, but most importantly you need data to analyse and compare among groups.
From a course level, you can now export all course’s results and answers to an Excel file for analysis, referencing and management reporting purposes. This downloadable report supplements the existing graphical reporting summary in the course.

Course reports in Coursepath
You find the course reports in the main menu of every course.

You can download the following data into Excel

Just go to a course and click on “Reports” and then “Export”. Now you can choose to what data you want to export.

  1. Members
  2. See general information about each participant, when the course was commenced, their progress, results of the tests and when the participant has passed the course.

  3. Results (by member)
  4. This report focuses on a participant of the course. You will be able to see each step the participant has completed or not, as well as the answers, including attempts if this has been implemented.

  5. Results (by step)
  6. You gain insights on how participants performed and scored in each step of the course. This is very handy for example for essay tests where you have an overview of each essay question and their answers.

Where to find the reports in a course

In your academy go to a course you want to download a report from. In this course click on “Reports” and then on “Export”. Now you can choose what kind of report you want to download. The file you download will be in an Excel format.

Deep tracking of what’s going on in your courses

This new reporting feature gives you deeper insights into the progress and execution of the course. By comparing reports per member and per result (as well as over time) allows you to see how the course has performed, letting you direct your focus on the training at hand. Such as identifying which questions proved difficult, which individuals need assistance and which areas the course needs to improve on.

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