Portals: Customize your widget appearance and slider

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on March 23rd, 2021

The appearance of widgets on your Coursepath library is always the same and you get bored by it? Leave the boredom behind and design your homepage and portals more individually than ever before. With the customization, you get to select between various appearances for courses and workshops. And that’s not all: You can even decide whether all covers are to be shown or whether you prefer to let them appear in a slider and add a carousel effect for a Netflix like experience. We will tell you all about how to implement the layouts in your academy here.

Academy homepage with widgets

Creating widgets

A widget in Coursepath is a defined area of a portal that displays courses, pages, and/or workshops, and can be selected for different target groups. Read all about the setup of widgets in this article.

Choosing the layout

What is new is the appearance tab. Take a look at the options shown in Coursepath in the picture below. A more detailed description will follow, but basically you can just try it out and see what suits your academy best.

Layout homepage
Set up widgets and layout for portals

You can choose between five different styles, four different numbers of items in a row, carousel options, and three additional options. And these can be combined to your likes and needs. I will not even try to do the math right, it is a lot of options per widget.


Regarding the style, the five options you have are:

  • Cards
  • Photo Cards
  • Articles
  • Headlines
  • Splash

Switching between these styles, you will notice that the size of the image changes and with it the amount of text that is shown on the tile.

  • Cards are showing the course cover picture and beneath the course information, whereas with photo cards, the image is the background of the card.
  • With articles, the style is similar to the style of cards, but the widget will not show separate tiles for each item.
  • Headlines focus more on the course information and show a smaller version of the course cover picture.
  • The splash is more focused on the image again. It will show a large image, and only the course or workshop title, your role and progress in the course, as well as the date for workshops.

The number of items in a row is self-explanatory. For each style, you can choose between 1, 2, 3, and 4.


For cards and photo cards, you can enable a carousel slider. This will show one row of contents, i.e. courses, workshops, or pages. For this one row you can choose between four, three, two, or only one tile to be shown. Clicking the arrows on the sides will slide to the next selection of courses in said widget. When the carousel slider is enabled, you can also decide whether you want the slider to automatically play, just check the box and autoplay will be enabled.
If you chose 3 items to be displayed in a row, the carousel slider gives you the additional option to center the slides. If enabled, on the sides you will see part of the next slides.

Article and headlines do not offer the carousel option.

For splash, the carousel slider is auto enabled. The options for autoplay and centering the slides for 3 items remain. In addition, when you choose 1 item in a row, you can enable a fading effect.


The options give you additional possibilities to style your widgets. Enable them by checking one or multiple boxes and hide picture, description, and details respectively.

Layout homepage

What else?

You can always adjust the appearance of the widgets on all your portals later on. When you go to your portals, the widgets have a small settings button next to them. If you click it, you can easily switch between the styles and try out all combinations.

Additionally, the settings offer an easy way to get back to editing and adjusting the content to be shown.

Enjoy giving your library a new look and feel!

You don’t have your own academy yet?

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