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OTTO DÖRNER opts for eLearning

OTTO DÖRNER opts for eLearning

  • Employee development

Supporting digitalization with eLearning

Changes in the business world cannot be avoided in the course of digitalization. It does not matter in which sector the companies are active. In order to train their employees and prepare them for these changes, the OTTO DÖRNER Group offers them various opportunities for continuous professional development. In this way, the company hopes to achieve a smooth transition to the digital work environment.

The OTTO DÖRNER Group is one of the leading private companies in the fields of waste management, recycling, gravel and sand, landfill, and soil remediation. The family-owned company, now in its third generation, supplies the construction, trade, industrial, commercial, municipal, and private sectors. A total of over 1,100 employees work for the group.

In order to be able to offer all employees continuous professional development and to cover the training needs with a wide reach, OTTO DÖRNER decided to implement an eLearning solution. The company has opted for the Coursepath LMS.

Preparations for the conversion to eLearning

The OTTO DÖRNER Group comprises a number of subsidiaries which have coordinated their efforts to switch to eLearning in order to develop a uniform concept. For example, each subsidiary has appointed persons responsible for eLearning as well as a representative. After an initial phase with frequent meetings, the responsible persons later met monthly. The various ideas and requirements were presented and collected, and suggestions for improvement were incorporated. Step by step, the team thus approached the final concept. Finally, guidelines were developed together: For example, a uniform look was defined for slides and courses.

Creation of the training in teamwork

Where are the shortcomings? What training needs must the eLearning courses cover? Training managers are probably confronted with these questions again and again. To answer these very questions, the OTTO DÖRNER Group conducts an annual analysis of training needs, including a survey of employees.

As an example for the further procedure in the creation of training courses, we will take a closer look at one area: During the analysis of requirements, it was found that many employees from different fields of activity asked for training in the area of “waste”. For example, office employees often lack an overview of the work on the premises because they themselves do not know what is happening outside. But other employees feel the same way. The need for waste training is therefore set as a training area and is supplemented with other training needs: hazardous waste, types of waste, regulations.

In order to create the required training courses, experts are appointed internally. With their specialist knowledge, these employees provide the content for the eLearning courses. The eLearning courses for all employees are created in cooperation with colleagues who have the appropriate authorization to create courses at OTTO DÖRNER’s Coursepath academy. Employees do not need any further assistance in creating courses. A total of twelve trainers/authors are currently authorized for the OTTO DÖRNER academy. Among them are three academy managers, who are also responsible for setting up the academy as well as for managing members and evaluating the courses. This means that employees are centrally invited to the eLearning training courses by the personnel development department.

Course overview Otto Dörner academy

Course overview within the Otto Dörner academy

Employee development and increased efficiency

The OTTO DÖRNER Group employs more than 1,100 people who work in both commercial and industrial operations, including employees on the premises and drivers, but also office staff. The core areas of responsibility of the various employees are diverse and broadly spread across different areas. Nevertheless, the training needs of the different groups overlap.

eLearning courses on various topics are offered to all employees. The internal Coursepath academy covers numerous training areas. These include software and operational training, as well as work instructions, legal regulations, occupational safety (e.g. dealing with hazardous situations or the correct operation of the defibrillator), right up to personnel development including management training. This wide range of further education and training opportunities, provided as eLearning for the employees, guarantees a successful development of the personnel.


Since the introduction of eLearning at OTTO DÖRNER, this area has been growing within the company. Thanks to the cooperation of the subsidiaries and the strategic preparation, the transition to eLearning has been a complete success for the group.

The demand for training courses that can be covered by eLearning is constantly increasing. With our eLearning offer we would like to get all employees on board, even those who are more difficult to reach.

So says Martin Mäser, eLearning Manager, responsible for administrative activities of eLearning, the design and implementation of content in Coursepath, and general contact person for eLearning.

In the future, in addition to the eLearning courses for further education established so far, the area of health care and management is also to be covered using the Coursepath LMS. For example, Mr. Mäser can imagine courses on healthy nutrition (at work).