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Michell Instruments

Michell Instruments

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Securely Training Online – Michell Instruments’ Step Into The Future

Global manufacturer Michell Instruments started using online training to test and improve employees’ and partners’ knowledge. For a broad range of trainings, multiple departments work together on one platform. The course results, however, are carefully kept separate. Coursepath enables this secure and efficient knowledge exchange with an easy-to-use platform and a clear-cut role division.

With a fast growing subsidiary and distribution network, UK based Michell Instruments provides solutions in moisture and humidity to the most demanding customers around the world. With over 40 years experience, Michell designs and manufactures a wide range of transmitters, instruments and system solutions for measuring dew-point, humidity and oxygen levels.

Simple solution for an extended range of use

Michell Instruments was looking for a flexible platform to give trainings for various purposes: IT skills, product knowledge, health and safety. Employees in each department take care of these courses and provide training that is tailored for their target groups. The marketing department, for example, set up courses for people involved with the product, internal staff and external distributors, to increase product knowledge and elaborate on technical details.

With the training platform Coursepath, Michell found a straightforward solution for managers and employees to set up courses themselves. In-house material, such as PowerPoint presentations, can easily be converted into online training, and further enriched through questions, social interaction and multimedia content. On-demand access and intuitive navigation help trainers and participants work on the platform independently. That way, audiences are reached quickly, saving the company time and money.

Securing data in a flexible environment

Departments involved with training usually combine the delivery of relevant information with short exams and quizzes to test participants’ knowledge. This helps give the company a better understanding of current knowledge levels and potential knowledge gaps. Participants also enjoy answering questions, as it promotes self-reflection and deeper engagement with the content.

Test results, however, are strictly confidential. Trainers in each department should be able see their own courses’ results – learning progress and statistics – but not anybody else’s. Therefore, Michell Instruments needs a Learning Management System with a clear-cut role division. In Coursepath, trainers, auditors and participants can be assigned to each course individually, meaning that a trainer who has a complete overview of training results in one course, can merely be a participant in another course. There, they have access to content, but not to results.

Data protection is one of Coursepath’s benefits as a fully European based and hosted software provider. They take care of secure hosting protected under European Data Protection Law, deploy the latest technical measures, and develop the software further to continue to satisfy customers’ demands. With this kind of licence, labelled “Software-as-a-Service”, companies remain flexible in what is being trained, by whom and to which audience, while enjoying a fully professional hosting and maintenance service.

Easy steps with global impact

Jekaterina Panzina is Marketing Co-ordinator & Data Analyst at Michell Instruments and works closely with product managers to set up marketing courses for distributors. She finds Coursepath the perfect tool for training employees and distributors in a safe environment without other people in the academy seeing the results.

We wanted a simple solution and something that could satisfy our security requirements. It is very easy in Coursepath to set up secure training where I can see the data collected, but other trainers can’t. It is a straightforward tool, which is why we are very happy working with it.

In the future, Michell wants to implement more video training. Also, offering courses in different languages will come more into focus. With subsidiaries located in the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, USA, China and Japan, Michell Instruments connects employees in training who might not even speak the same language. On a multi-language platform, every participant can choose his or her own language.

With more and more work being done online, Jekaterina Panzina thinks that online training is the next step into the future. A secure and feature-rich training platform supports a modern company with an ongoing and efficient knowledge exchange. Employees from different departments or subsidiaries, distributors and partners are involved continuously and receive relevant updates in time.