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Online Training for (ecological) sustainment: LichtBlick keeps partners posted about energy turnaround

LichtBlick cooperates with industry partners and consults them about energy source possibilities for a greener environment. To keep partners up to date and training effort low, an innovative software solution was needed. A case study about efficient and sustainable partner training.

LichtBlick was founded in 1998 in Hamburg, Germany, as an energy and IT corporation, and is now the country’s largest independent green energy retailer. Through partnerships with like-minded companies, they strive to combine environmental responsibility with economic success and advance the energy turnaround for green energy.

The challenge: the issue of green energy is subject to rapid change. Alterations and improvements are an almost daily occurrence. These must be communicated to partners immediately, as they in turn advise customers on energy options. This continuous knowledge exchange resulted in a considerable workload: Excel sheets, PDF and PowerPoint presentations had to be adjusted regularly, sent to partners and discussed over the phone or in meetings. This resulted in a risk of losing track of what was communicated and what was left to discuss.

Reducing training effort with demanding topics

The company realized that they should seize the opportunity of applying software to simplify the training work. With Coursepath as an online training platform, a solution was found that not only bundles the information, but also makes learning more appealing for participating project partners. By logging in to the platform independently, participants can now improve their knowledge levels more efficiently; they can see precisely what information they are missing, can ask questions directly in each step and receive feedback there.

Daniela Mrachacz is responsible for partners and cooperation at LichtBlick. Her goal is to train partners sustainably and to keep the topic of green energy alive, so that partners refresh their knowledge and pass it on accordingly. “With the incredible amount of changes on the energy market, we want to ensure that advisers have up-to-date information. With online training I can bundle the material. The choice quickly fell on Coursepath: the support was great and the tool totally uncomplicated, plus very reasonably priced.”

Providing service anytime, anywhere

“Establishing networks and providing services anytime, anywhere” – Coursepath supports this objective with a training platform where knowledge is accessible independent of time and place. Furthermore, if content is gathered on a single platform, partners can easily interact with each other and with the content. This results in a successful interplay of setting up courses, accessing training, interaction through quiz questions and feedback and revision of content. Partners receive an individual service, yet can find information very quickly in their own time, which empowers them to advise customers accurately at any point.

The stakeholders highly appreciate this service. It is easy to see when a participant has started individual training, which was not possible in direct meetings and calls. The interaction within the platform helps them to ask targeted questions and get a better understanding of the content. In addition, participants can be certain that they always have access to the latest version of the material.

Ensuring sustainability

According to trainer Daniela Mrachacz the subject of green energy has to be discussed repetitively. She has to inform, explain and give time to process the information.

Green energy is a complex issue, which can only be successfully marketed if it is addressed again and again and revitalized with new accents and information.

LichtBlick is an organization with a strong focus on sustainability. They would like to create sustained processes in supplying energy but also in working efforts, as it strengthens relationships and builds a knowledge pool that can be used now and in the future. To establish sustainability in online training, the trainer is required to renew and expand content repeatedly. On a central platform, she can do this with much less effort than before. In addition, she has now a lot of functions, such as enriching the courses with multimedia content, quizzes and voice recordings. By integrating multimedia, different learning styles are addressed, which creates a deeper engagement with the content.

Expanding training for individual purposes

The trainer greatly benefits from technical development: she can now handle course set-up and maintenance completely autonomously. She does not have to rely on IT or conceptual services, but builds her training first-hand. Even inexperienced trainers can easily deal with the authoring tool functions. Meanwhile, Coursepath as a Software-as-a-service provider takes care of maintenance and system updates. This service includes all tasks related to hosting, security, innovation and product extension.

Next to external partners, internal staff will be trained on the platform soon. After all, corporate employees are also distributed nationwide, making collective training difficult. The platform is scalable for more users and courses and has been extensively tested, meaning it can easily be extended for new target groups.