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Manuel Yasli · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Providing background information about your academy and its objectives creates a deeper understanding of the academy’s training purposes.
To date you can brand your academy with your own corporate logo and colours, as well as assign a maximum of 3 hostnames. Because your feedback is valuable to us, we have responded to the need of creating a fully customized online training academy, such as incorporating pages for information purposes. With the new feature, “Academy Pages”, you can further personalize your academy by adding perhaps a page about the guidelines of the academy, some learning tips or maybe a roster of your trainees. It is all up to you!

Customizable academy pages

Customizable Academy Pages

The Academy Pages add a huge benefit to your company, as well as to your trainees:

  • Strengthens your academy’s branding proposition.
  • Provides relevant information about your academy directly within the training platform.
  • Acts as a news site where you can publish information about on-going trainings, new courses, learning tips and more.
  • Provide the option of a go-to knowledge base for your trainees.
  • Embeds introductory videos or other content using iframes for quick self-help purposes for example.

There are many other possibilities you can utilize the Academy Pages for in further customizing your online trainings.

Example of Academy Pages

In the Coursepath Demo Academy there are three Academy Pages in use as you can see in the screenshot.

Example of Academy Pages
Here you see the three academy pages: About This Academy, Useful Tips and Technical Resources.

The Academy Pages have a built-in WYSIWYG-editor so you can further edit and customize the content of each page.

Example of Academy Pages
Edit the academy pages using the handy WYSIWYG-editor.

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