Course layout and navigation

Annika Willers · Tips & tricks · Last updated on March 23rd, 2021

The course homepage gives you and your participants a thorough overview of the eLearning course. It consolidates multiple screens into a (visually) single page with tabs. These tabs include About, the Table of content, the course Glossary, Discussions, the Course Calendar, Members, as well as Enrollment, Welcome and Thank you pages.

With the layout, we are looking to improve a more natural flow from enrolling, commencing, proceeding, and completing the course. This enhances the learning experience for all course participants.

new course homepage

Course menu and settings

With the new layout of the course homepage, there also comes a change regarding the course menu. Instead of replacing the academy menu in the top menu bar, there is now a new “Manage course” dropdown on the course homepage. This button is visible on all course pages, as long as the user has the respective role and permissions. Please note that these changes also apply to course programs.

settings dropdown on course homepage

Course navigation

When navigating through the course contents, participants will now see their progress displayed as e.g. step 3 of 25.

settings dropdown on course homepage

You will also notice that on learning steps, the page now offers more room for media. There is also an additional “Use large media player” option for documents displayed in the document viewer. This will use as much screen as possible to display the uploaded PPT or PDF.

How to customize your course homepage

course homepage setup

The appearance of tabs on the course homepage depends on which navigation items you choose to be shown in the course menu. Unticking a box results in less tabs on the course homepage.

Under Manage course > Name and Descriptions, you can adjust more details regarding the layout of your course homepage. Choose an image and banner here, that will be shown not only on course widget in the academy library, but also on your course homepage. You can either upload your own images or use the integrated search for stock images. The description that you enter in the text field here and can be enriched with additional pictures among others, is what will later on be shown on the About page of your course.

Whether the enroll button will be shown or not depends on the setting you choose regarding course enrollment.

Take a look around in our demo academy and enroll in free demo courses.

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