Course enrollment and visibility

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on July 7th, 2021

Even with large and diverse groups of participants, the administration of an eLearning academy should remain simple and clear. To ensure maximum flexibility and yet not overload you with too many functions, we have revised the course enrollment options.

The various ways to enroll in courses are now divided into two different setting options that can be flexibly combined: Visibility and self-enrollment. Visibility determines who can see the course tile and info page. Self-enrollment regulates how participants can be added to courses.

Visibility of courses

The visibility settings define who can see the course tile and the info page of the course. Visibility is divided into three different functions.

  • Everyone on the web
  • Members of this academy
  • Participants and selected groups

You can set the visibility in the course options.


Self-enrollment is an option that allows people to enroll themselves in courses (visible to them), if applicable. Here you can choose between four different requirements, ranging from open to strictly controlled.

  • Allowed
  • Approval required
  • Payment required
  • Invitation only

You can customize enrollment preferences in the course options.


Comparison with the previous model

The new model in Coursepath simplifies the selection of different visibility settings and self-enrollment options. At the same time, this provides more customized options.

Of course, the enrollment options as before remain in place. In the following table we have compiled how you can implement them:


A manual invitation to the course remains possible for each combination. In addition to the previous possibilities, there are further combinations. We present some application examples here.

  • Selected groups. This allows you to limit the visibility within the academy as well.
  • Offer paid courses only within the academy. For example, you can offer special deals for existing customers.
  • Approval required, offer courses only within the academy. This setting gives you the option to not allow members to self-enroll without approval, but at the same time not make the course publicly visible.
  • Display courses but do not offer a self-enrollment option. This combination is possible both within the academy and for publicly visible courses. Here, the course tiles and info pages are visible for the authorized persons, but enrollment is not possible.

Complete overview and application examples


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