Course-internal glossary: how to create definitions of terms

Sina Burghardt · 4 days ago

You want to provide clearly structured definitions for specific terms within your e-learning course? The new Coursepath feature enables you to do so. Draw up a list of non-intuitive terms in a glossary and give the corresponding definitions. In only 3 steps, we will show you how to create your course-internal glossary.

Glossary in Coursepath
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eLearning AWARD 2018: The easy way of course production in an LCMS

Annika Willers · 2 weeks ago

In the category LCMS the eLearning AWARD 2018 goes to Coursepath and BetterDoc. The joint e-learning project was awarded for its straightforward DIY approach. How the awarding came about and what companies can expect from it now.

eLearning AWARD 2018 Kategorie LCMS für Coursepath
Coursepath is presented with the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the LCMS category
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How do I test my participants’ knowledge? 3 tips for creating test questions & co.

Sina Burghardt · 1 month ago

Are you creating e-learning courses for knowledge transfer? Then sooner or later the questions of how to effectively assess that knowledge arises. The answer is easy: by using tests. Not that simple though, is the creation of tests, at least not for everyone. How to construct suitable test questions efficiently and what other factors should be taken into account. This blog post will guide you through the most important steps.

woman who shrugs with shoulders
No idea how to create test questions?
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HTML5 and SCORM integration – How to design your interactive e-learning course

Sina Burghardt · 2 months ago

E-learning draws on interactivity. Without it you could just as well send a PDF file to all “participants”. Encouraging users to interact with their training, on the other hand, leads to them being more motivated to learn. Also, content is internalized better and more sustainably.

Interactivity in e-learning
Playful elements make e-learning an interactive experience
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Manufacturers inquire: How to qualify my employees?

Annika Willers · 5 months ago

Recently, a German publisher asked us for an article in a manufacturers enclosure. Topic should be: How to qualify my employees? Happily we share our insights and 3 basic steps for effective qualification in a manufacturing setting.

Qualified employees
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On-the-job training for service employees in the automotive field

Annika Willers · 6 months ago

What makes it so difficult to qualify and train service employees? Is it the lack of time? The limited budget? Or a lack of motivation for training among employees? In the end, all three and often more factors play a role when it comes to the question if on-the-job training should be offered on a regular basis. Too often it is refrained from – a mistake! Obstacles can be removed very fast, as the following 3 thoughts shall show.

Service employees

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Coursepath’s Question Pool – how to successfully use the new feature

Manuel Yasli · 7 months ago

With the new question pool, you can easily generate tests for your employees. Without great effort, each participant of your e-learning course receives randomly selected questions from the repertoire you created. Hence, you can be assured that each employee independently achieves the learning objectives. And this is how you proceed best:

The new question pool
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Ways to a better Compliance Training

Sina Burghardt · 7 months ago

Basic employee training such as compliance is a recurring issue in almost every business. Training concerning laws, orders, and company guidelines is often mandatory and needs to be proven by means of certificates. In this article, you can read how to put compliance training into practice effectively and how to make it profitable, using Coursepath LMS.

Compliance Training
Mandatory Compliance Training – a recurring issue
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Buy or rent? Which benefits do Software-as-a-Service solutions offer?

Sina Burghardt · 8 months ago

For years, the market has shown an increasing number of software solutions that are offered on demand rather than on premise. The providers of on-demand software consider themselves to be a service provider as well as a partner. What are the characteristics of software-as-a-service and what factors should be considered?

Buy or rent?

Here are 10 points on why it is a good idea to think about software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, for example when it comes to employee training.

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Microlearning: A clever way for training on the go and in between

Sina Burghardt · 9 months ago

Deploying microlearning successfully means creating learning nuggets that are short and practical. This way, an immediate benefit for learners is achieved. Thus, the short time while commuting to and from the office can already be used as an opportunity to learning.

Microlearning: A clever way for training

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Multilingual LMS: Coursepath is available in 21 languages

Annika Willers · 12 months ago

With 21 system languages, Coursepath is one of the most flexible European LMS providers. Languages can be set individually or for the entire academy.

Multilingual LMS with 20 languages

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Roles and Permissions in Coursepath – Update

Manuel Yasli · 12 months ago

Which role gives access to which activities in a Coursepath academy? In this short documentation, designed for academy Managers and administrative staff, we want to help you to get a better understanding of how the user roles and permissions in Coursepath are set up.

How are tasks divided in Coursepath’s role system?

Roles and Permissions in summary

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Course access in Coursepath: From self-registration to voucher system

Manuel Yasli · 12 months ago

One important aspect of an online academy is member management. There are many different ways of inviting new members and also in letting participants register for themselves. This article is meant to give you an overview of registration possibilities in Coursepath.


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eLearning AWARD 2017 for sustainable knowledge exchange with business partners

Annika Willers · 1 year ago

Partner training in medium-sized businesses is not an easy task. For its innovative and sustainable approach to partner training, LichtBlick SE and Coursepath LMS received German eLearning AWARD 2017, an annual price given to trendsetting learning scenarios.

eLearning AWARD

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Easy academy management with quick edit functions – Coursepath releases new features

Manuel Yasli · 1 year ago

Keeping training simple for everyone involved. With this principle in mind, we regularly update the Coursepath platform for even easier usage, course setup and maintenance. Our latest update includes quick edit functions for academy management such as course names, categories and groups.

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Create multiple course certificates – Easy editing with PowerPoint

Manuel Yasli · 1 year ago

Design your course certificates individually using your own corporate branding. You can create course certificates freely, whether in portrait or landscape format, with minimal or a great deal of text – it is totally up to you. Just use the predefined tags and paste them in your PowerPoint slide exactly there where you want them to be. As soon as you have uploaded the template, Coursepath will convert these tags and display the information accordingly. You can create several templates for course certificates and use individual certificates for each course.

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Coursepath and ILT Solutions announce e-learning partnership

Annika Willers · 1 year ago

To establish holistic and agile learning solutions, companies operate with custom-made content in a learning management system they can administer by themselves. ILT Solutions and Coursepath are offering flexible combinations in that field.

Cooperation between ILT Solutions and CoursepathCooperation between ILT Solutions and Coursepath

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Free tools to improve e-learning courses with

Manuel Yasli · 1 year ago

When using the right platform, you will find course creation very easy and hardly need additional tools or systems. Yet sometimes, you might want to add content in a different format or style. It helps you make training more interactive, diverse and appealing to the user. Here is our choice of additional tools.

Tools for e-learning

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E-commerce: Offer paid courses with flexible payment options

Manuel Yasli · 1 year ago

With Coursepath’s e-commerce feature, it’s easy to offer courses against a variable amount of money to customers and partners. Once the payment has gone through, customers are automatically directed to the course. Since our latest update, customers can choose their personal payment method such as PayPal, SOFORT banking, iDEAL, Bitcoin and many others. That is because we now support Mollie, pioneer in worldwide online payments, processing payments from almost all existing banking systems.

Mollie payment service

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New question type: hotspot images for interactivity and visual support

Manuel Yasli · 1 year ago

With hotspot questions, participants are presented with an image on which they can mark a spot, which they think is the right one. This way you can find out whether or not they can locate objects correctly in a given situation.

Hotspot question in Coursepath

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