Coursepath automatically reminds of re-certification deadlines

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Are regular employee training courses mandatory in your company? Then you certainly know that employees have to be trained on more and more topics, including compliance, hygiene regulations, fire protection regulations, data security, and health and safety protection. I could probably add any number of topics to the list of trainings – one can quickly lose track. Especially if all employees have to complete these courses (or part of them). So, reminding all employees of the repetition of the course and sending messages after each change or every year over and over again? There must be an automation for that, mustn’t it? Why automatic course repetition is useful and how to use this function in your LMS, you can read here.

Deadlines for course repetition


Do you have to train employees regularly (and compulsory)?

If you answer this question with “yes”, then you also have to ask yourself how to implement these compulsory training courses. Maybe you planned attendance-based trainings for your employees once a year so far? Or you are rather already working with an eLearning solution and your employees have the opportunity to flexibly work through the training. Wouldn’t it be practical if the Learning Management System automatically reminded employees of next year’s repetition?

Deadlines for re-certification – meet them automatically?

Especially for trainings that conclude with certificates and employees have to re-certify at certain intervals, an automatic reminder function within the LMS simplifies your work. With little effort, a course is scheduled for regular repetition. The LMS will automatically take care of the rest: Participants will be invited to the course again and reminded to complete it if necessary. From the employee’s point of view, this also ensures that the subsequent certificates are acquired in due time before the validity of the current certificate expires. There is no need for each employee to keep track of their deadlines. This guarantees for a comprehensive renewed certification of your employees in the company.

Automatic course repetition with Coursepath:
Do your employees have to repeat the compliance course each year to qualify? With Coursepath, you will automatically re-invite your participants and remind them to complete the course. Set the regular cycle to “Every 12 months” so that your employees re-certify once a year. How to set this up exactly, you can read below

Example: Privacy certification

With the sensitive topic of data protection, employee training is mandatory in many companies. In course of the GDPR implementation, this topic may also have become more present in your company again. In fact, the protection of sensitive personal data is not only up to GDPR-compliant software and hardware, but also up to the employees! Your employees should be familiar with the practical implementation of data protection and develop a sense of responsibility. Today, many attacks on sensitive data are specifically targeted at individuals as they are considered the weakest link of the security chain. Awareness training address precisely this issue in order to raise awareness on how to handle links and hardware access.

The scope and implementation of data protection training varies in each company. The decisive factor is that guidelines are conveyed to all (!) employees and the gained knowledge can be proven. With eLearning courses, you can effectively meet these requirements. With this sensitive topic especially, it is recommended, if not even required, to repeat the training on a regular basis. This ensures that your employees are always up to date and that awareness of data security is focussed again and again. Evidence of completion is always up to date and your employees automatically re-certify.

Lifelong learning – at regular intervals?

It does not always have to be compulsory training. For other trainings, automatically repeated invitations are also suitable. For example, an internal course that is updated at regular intervals since processes or products change. With eLearning, you already have the advantage that changes are immediately online for all course participants to see, so that they always work with the most recent version. But can you be sure that participants are aware of the changes? With automatic reminders for course repetition you can! For example, set the repetition interval to “Every 3 months,” and your employees will be regularly reminded to repeat the course and thus will always be up to date.

Both sides benefit from this type of training: Your employees are always up to date and do not miss any changes. Thus, they can directly contribute using their acquired knowledge. However, you should also offer training courses in which your employees can enroll independently, depending on their interests or their own learning needs. Individual learning opportunities promote the fun factor in training and ensure your training project to be successful.

How to set up automatic course repetition in Coursepath

Automatic course repetition can be very easy! Set up the automatic reminders for your course in just 4 steps.

  1. Create a course or select an existing course
  2. Select Settings > Options
  3. Scroll to “Repetition”
  4. Select an interval
    You can choose from every 3, 6 or 12 months.
    In addition, you have the option to adjust the invitation message.
  5. Intervall wählen


Automatic course repetition makes your work easier, especially when it comes to compulsory training, which your employees have to repeat on a regular basis, or for re-certification measures. With other in-house trainings, the automatic repetition feature is also a great way to re-enroll your staff into courses automatically.

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