Precise course evaluation – now including saved filters and automatic reports

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on May 27th, 2021

With straightforward overviews and Excel reports, Coursepath helps you with all your needs concerning course evaluation. Participant data and course progress form the basis – but the evaluation has a lot of further information to offer. This allow you to evaluate almost every detail of your eLearning courses.

Auswertung eLearning

Reports for download

With the ready-made reports in Coursepath, you can download an Excel file with just a few clicks. With a large number of participants, however, these reports can quickly turn out to be very extensive. Perhaps they even include details that do not have a high priority for you at the time. Or they may contain confidential details that do not concern a specific recipient of the report, which they possibly might not be allowed to view at all.

In order to create a tailored course evaluation according to your wishes, Coursepath offers you a variety of filter options, which have been extended with the current update (May 2019). We will explain details about the update and examples in this article.

Your own, customized report

Use the detailed filter options at academy or course level to obtain precisely tailored reports. This way, you can set which categories or members can be found in the download file in advance. But that’s not everything yet. With the latest update, we have further improved these filter options.


The first point of the improvement are additional filter options, which are available to you now:

  • Registration period “Enrolled”
  • Period of course start “Started”
  • Period of course completion “Completed”
  • Attempts
  • Fields

Here, you have the possibility to further filter the three areas “Registered,” “Started,” and “Completed,” by defining a time frame. Either by using one of the three preset time frames “Today,” “This week,” or “This month,” or by specifying an individual period with a start and an end date.

By the way: The filter Attempts lets you determine whether all attempts of the participants are displayed in the report or rather only the most recent one.

Filter Versuche

Note: Did you already discover the new „Filters“ button? With a click on it, you can show or hide the filters in the left column.

The second point of the improvement concerns Excel downloads and the columns displayed in the files. Now you can tailor your reports even more accurate to your needs by pre-selecting which columns will be displayed in the reports. To set this up, use the Fields filter within the reports. Then, select the checkboxes of the columns that are to be displayed in your report.


Tip: With the new filters you now have the possibility to remove certain parameters from the reports. This makes it easier for you to e.g. create reports for external auditors, who may have to assess the quality of your audits without being able to see personal data. Simply save the corresponding reports in your personal filters.

Saving and restoring filters

You’re always filtering the same groups, aren’t you? Or you are always looking for the same learning steps for certain user groups? From now on your work will be much easier because you can save (frequently used) filter settings.

To save your personal filters, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select reports
    • To do so, either click on „Reports“ within the menu oft he academy
    • Or go to Reports within the course menu and again select „Reports“ here. This way, the selected report will already be filtered to only include the respective course.
  2. Select desired filters
  3. Click save
  4. Select a name for the report
    • Choose a name which is easy to understand and which allows other employees to see which report it is (instead of “Report 1” rather “Report – Management district north”).
  5. Click save
Bericht speichern

You can restore any report that was saved this way at any time using the dropdown menu in the reports. The saved reports are structured according to the courses to which they refer. Reports containing more than one specific course can be found in said list directly below the preset reports.

Dropdown menu

Filtering out confidential information

Problems of confidentiality often arise faster than expected. For example, this question arises with a course that covers the employees of several areas or departments together. Not every department manager should be able to view all reports or all participant data, but rather only the ones for their own department. So, what will happen in these cases?

Our tip: Simply cover the respective reports using corresponding filters including columns (“Fields”). Each area or department manager receives an individual report with participant and progress data from their own area of responsibility. People from other departments will not receive this data.

Automatically send reports by e-mail

After saving your individual reports, you can automatically send them via e-mail. The best thing about it: the email recipient doesn’t even have to be a member of the academy. This means that a department manager who wants to stay informed about the learning progress of his employees does not necessarily have to be a trainer in the academy or in the course.

To automatically send the Excel reports, proceed as follows:

  1. Save your personal filter
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address in the mask
    • Separate multiple recipients with commas
  3. Select the cycle for sending the reports
    • Here, select every first of the month, every Monday, or daily

Instead of forwarding certain reports to the responsible persons after downloading, you can now have the Learning Management System automatically transfer them. For example, you can automatically send the sales employee’s report to the Sales Manager or send the results of the team “West” to the Manager West at the beginning of each month.

Another example: You invited new participants to your course at the beginning of the month and now, at the beginning of each week, want to see who actually started learning? This, too, can now be sent by email via automatic reports. Select the desired filters and let the LMS send you the Excel report automatically by email every Monday.

Statistics become charts

New look, same data: The daily activities and the overview of the countries received a new look. But apart from their look, nothing has changed here.

The circle diagrams also have a new look. In addition, there is a small change with a big effect here: the diagram showing participants now consists of two circles. While the outer circle diagram shows the statistics for passing the course (passed, failed, etc.), the inner circle diagram shows the status of the course’s progress (i.e. started, completed, etc.). Since both pie charts use different fields in the database, the numbers may differ here.

To give you an example: If participants are manually set to “passed” by the trainer, they may have already passed, but not yet completed the course. Similarly, a participant may have completed the course, but not passed it. However, the total number of participants is identical in both pie charts (inside and outside).

New ways to get known reports: Exports at new locations

You will now find the ready-made reports for download via the corresponding menu item.

This means you can download e.g. the list of participants by clicking the menu item “Members” > “Members”. To the left of the button for adding new members you will find a “Download Excel” button. The same applies to the download of the list of vouchers: In the menu item “Members” > “Vouchers” there is now the possibility to download the list.



Ready-made reports – easier than ever. In addition to standardized reports for download, you can set up your individual report for download with just a few clicks, save it and access it again and again. And the best thing about it: you can have these reports automatically sent to you by the LMS at regular intervals.

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