Automate courses with module prerequisites

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Controlling access to certain modules in courses allows you to create automated courses. In Coursepath you can set dates for when a module becomes available. It is also possible to allow access to a module only when certain scores are reached.

Time based prerequisite

With time based prerequisites you can control when participants can access a module.
These are the available options:

  1. Any time: The module has no time based prerequisite.
  2. Period: Set a timeframe in which the module can be accessed, e.g. from 01.03. till the 31.03.
  3. X days after the learner commenced the course: Coursepath automatically grants access to a module after a specific amount of time after the user has commenced the course.
  4. X days after the learner completed the previous module: The user has to wait a certain amount of time before it is possible to continue with the next module.
Module prerequisite – time based

Score based prerequisite

Sometimes content should only become available when a certain score is met or not met.
One use case would be that participants that did not meet the required score, get a second chance to increase their score by answering more test questions.
These are the available options:

  1. Any average score: The module is always available.
  2. The learner has an average score greater than X% in the entire course: The module only becomes accessible with a greater score than e.g. 75%.
  3. The learner has an average score smaller than X% in the entire course: The module can only be accessed by participants that have a smaller score than e.g. 50%.
Score based prerequisite

These settings enable you to create even more dynamic courses and align them better with your plans, curriculum and concept.

Try it out now: Go to your academy, choose your course “Table of Contents”, click on “Edit content” > “Add module”.

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