Anonymous Log-In with Access Codes

Manuel Yasli · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Data privacy has many facets. One is protecting participants’ activities and results in your training platform. In Coursepath you can now create anonymous user accounts, using access codes. The advantage in using codes: it is no longer necessary to disclose personal data like name and email address. What is more: it becomes impossible to connect test results and activities to a specific person. This ensures supreme protection of your participants’ personal data.

Access Codes in Coursepath

Example of Access Codes

As a manager you can generate a desired number of accounts and distribute those among your participants. The standard option is to invite participants by email address, which enables a continuous exchange among trainers and participants via course invitations, reminders and notifications on feedback and changes in the course. If absolute anonymity is required however, invitation by email address is not a suitable way. You can generate access codes instead, which could be aliases, numbers or other identifiers. This enables you to keep track of how the account is used in the end.
If you need to find the access codes again in Coursepath you can always find them in the “Edit member” menu.

Limitations due to the access codes

Accounts with access codes do not have email addresses connected to them. This is what renders them completely anonymous. Keep in mind that system generated email notifications usually play a central role in Coursepath. Therefore, access codes should not be seen as a replacement for the default email-based accounts. Anonymous accounts bring two main limitations of the typical functionalities of Coursepath.

  • The distribution process cannot be taken over by the system as usual. The access codes have to be made accessible in a different way, e.g. by manually sending an email with a list of codes to each participant separately.
  • Users with access codes do not receive system generated email notifications. This includes information about course activities, comments or private messages.

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