Advanced Excel Reports For Course Evaluation

Manuel Yasli · Product News · Last updated on June 1st, 2021

Excel reports play a major role in your course evaluation. Next to participant data such as name, email address or detailed course progress, reports now include a variety of further relevant data.

Monitor course repetitions

Keep track of how often participants have repeated a course. Especially in highly complex courses, participants occasionally need more than one run to reach the required state of knowledge.
In the downloaded Excel tables, you will now find out how often and to which result participants have taken the course. This way, the results of past tries won’t be lost and you get a more exact picture of how well your participants have scored.

Quality of tests

Excel files are often used to review and evaluate tests. In these tables, you now find the test question (as it was before) and additionally the possible answers provided.
The correct answer is marked with a “(v)”. This comes in handy when third party quality assurance (QA) is involved. It is very clear then, what the trainer has marked as correct and what as incorrect. This way, you can increase and give prove to the quality of your courses.
As usual, you find the Excel reports in each of your courses. Just go to “Statistics” > “Reports”.

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