New options for academy pages

Annika Willers · Product News · Last updated on June 28th, 2021

With the latest Coursepath update, you now have the possibility to design academy pages with videos or other embedded content – similar to a single learning step. In addition, you can now assign an academy page to a category and display it on the start page.

Design academy pages

1. Set up academy pages

You can access the setup of the academy pages via Setup > Pages. Here you can manage and edit existing pages and terms of use. By clicking on the button “Add page” you can create both terms of use and a new academy page.

Use the editor to insert texts and other content.

You can also adjust the following settings:

  • Visibility

    Choose whether the academy page is only accessible to members of this academy, specific groups within the academy, or whether it is publicly accessible.

  • Language

    Choose from the 21 languages available in Coursepath.

    You should select the language in particular if you want to store terms of use in different languages.

    Also choose a language if you use sections for different languages on the academy homepage and you want the page to be displayed within these sections.

  • Menu label

    Here you have the possibility to enter a title for the page, which will be displayed in the menu. This is useful if the page title is very long, but you would like to display a shorter version in the menu bar at the top or in the footer.

  • Category

    For the category the same applies as for the language. Choose a category for your page if you use sections for different categories on the academy homepage and you want the page to be displayed within these sections. Note that you have the option of specifying multiple categories for a page.

  • Other

    Furthermore you have the possibility to hide the page title, display content in full page width, or open media in a new window.

Edit academy pages in Coursepath

2. Manage navigation

You can now manage the main menu and the footer via Setup > Navigation.

Here you can select the pages that are displayed in the main menu and in the footer. Click on “+ Select page”. Put check marks next to the pages you want to display in the respective menu. You can change the order by drag and drop. When you are satisfied with your settings, click the “Apply” button to confirm.

manage navigation in Coursepath

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